Wallace Woods

Our geography shapes our lives in ways we cannot know without the necessary time to reflect.

Wallace Woods is a neighborhood on the east side of Covington, KY. Tucked in its own corner of the city and across the street from the Licking River, Brian Martin was privileged enough to spend his childhood here.

Starting off on the piano his mother bought when she was 19 years old, he "borrowed" his brother's guitar when he went to college and soon after began writing. The time spent in college at the University of Kentucky was filled with the study of physics and the universe as well as honing his song writing.

Soon after he would find himself fronting and touring with the band Heroes & Madmen (formerly Fickle). Life provided its share of challenges during this time as well. Now with the time he has had to reflect on life, childhood, and the area that helped shaped him, he pays homage in his songs not just to his origins, but to what they mean: